365 Medical Equestrian First Aid at Work

Keys Facts

Course Title: Equestrian First Aid at Work

Duration: 3 days

Times: 9am - 5pm

Certification: A4 Equestrian First Aid at Work Certificate & a wallet sized plastic card certificate

Course Details

This course is aimed at human first aid for anyone involved with horses where the First Aid at Work qualification is needed in addition to specific injuries involved when working with horses and a course tailored to equestrian subjects. If you are involved in teaching riding or other activities you are required to have the BHS first aid qualification or the HSE First Aid at Work qualification. With this course we go one better and adapt a course that includes the approved FAW with extra subjects and apply the course the the equestrian world.

The First Aid at Work course (FAW) is ideal for most businesses whose risk assessment has identified that they require a fully trained first aider for their workplace. All courses are delivered, evaluated and quality assured to meet the new guidelines set out by the HSE in October 2013 and meet the requirements of the First Aid at Work (First Aid) regulations 1981.

This course must be at least 20 contact hours and run over a minimum of 3 day and the certificate is valid for 3 years. To renew you need to attend a 12 contact hour 2 day FAW requalification course. The FAW course must be delivered as a 100% classroom course and cannot be delivered via online or blended training to comply with the HSE requirements.